DIE-CUT items are produced by cold cutting different shapes, according to design, from a rubber compound sheet (produced by calendering) or other materials (Flexoid, Felt, Teflon, Expanding Agents). The sheets are cut using special metal moulds (dies) mounted on specific machines (die-cutters).
Like hot-pressed or cold-pressed items, DIE-CUT items have excellent physical-mechanical, elastic, aesthetic and sealing characteristics. Die-cutting is generally used to make flat items, such as frames, discs and washers.
Die-cut items can be laminated with adhesive film, on request. They are particularly used in the lighting and plumbing sectors.

What is die-cutting?

Die-cutting is a special process applied to relatively soft materials, such as rubber and expanding agents and polymers that are ideal to produce washers and gaskets.
It consists of obtaining a finished product from sheets of material, which can be of various types, and processing it according to the precise requirements of a customer or a detailed project.
It is a process that is structured into several steps and can satisfy the special production of many industries. MEGORI die-cuts custom gaskets, transforming rubber and expanding agents, and thereby obtaining washers, discs, flexible couplings, shapes and membranes that can then be processed to obtain sleeves and cold-welded joints.
We can also produce gaskets in metal alloys, such as aluminium, with curved shapes for various applications, such as engine heads, for any application.