MEGORI s.r.l. provides technopolymer product solutions and boasts of experience in the production of rubber components.

It has specific expertise in engineering and production processes, such as: rubber/metal, rubber/plastic, rubber/canvas, specialising in reinforced membranes and valves for pneumatic assemblies and various industrial sectors.

We are set up to be able to satisfy any customer request, even in small quantities, thereby allowing us to produce highly customised products.

Our experience in various sectors and applications allows us to transform a project into a specific solution that we subsequently produce and supply in finished products.

MEGORI s.r.l.’s highly qualified technical support can resolve the problems encountered by customers with polymer products.

We carry out fatigue, destructive, burst, temperature-controlled and customer-specific tests.

The company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and thanks to its highly specialised personnel, it provides customers with constant and lasting customer loyalty through:

  • Expertise.
  • Ability to select and aggregate different materials for every customer’s needs.
  • Guaranteed know-how thanks to many years of experience in a wide range of items, even of the smallest dimensions.
  • Compliance with current regulations and the quality required by the market.
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